"We run a very sophisticated food order system for the Burger King franchise in the country of Colombia. We rely on a complicated infrastructure and call center since 30% of our business come from phone orders.  In March of 2015 we had a serious outage, and the engineering expertise to implement and operate cloud and phone solutions is just not available here. 

Gregory and his team drew up a plan and within days flew down and stopped the bleeding.  Over the course of a week they transformed our infrastucture into what it is today. We're now handling phone orders for 22+ stores with reliability beyond our expectation. He even speaks fluent Spanish!”

John Bradford
Call Center Manager
Burger King Colombia

"When Apollo Technical needed a phone system, Seviar was the obvious choice. Greg and his staff installed exactly what we needed, set it up to perform for our specific needs, and provided excellent follow-up customer service. They take care of all the technical aspects of managing the phone system, so we can focus on serving our clients.”

Ryan Bradshaw
Director of Recruiting & Sales
Apollo Technical Staffing