Turn-key network and phone solutions custom-built for your business.


    Built Just For You

    Seviar engineers telephone solutions to unify your brand and improve customer experence. We can help transition your business from disparate, hard to manage or legacy solutions to one that was designed with your needs in mind.

    An App For That

    Out-of-the-box doesn't work for everyone, and Seviar doesn't force you to rely on pre-built solutions. We custom-build applications specific to your business which can be be used locally or deployed over multiple sights.


    Top-Tier Talent

    We have the right experience and breadth of resources to design multi-device, multi-location cloud and custom solutions for your business.

    No Sales Tricks

    Seviar is vendor and communications-provider neutral. We focus on providing the best solutions for your business, not pushing specific products in absensce your goals. Designed to work with your current infrastructure, or built custom from the ground up.


    Concierge Service Since 2004

    Seviar specializes in supporting the personal technolgy needs of Ultra High Net Worth and Fortune 500 Executives. Our service provides blanketed support for technology in all points of life, creating a worry-free technology environment with accessibility from anywhere in the world. 

    Comprehensive Experience

    We regularly work in large homes, estates, vacation homes, and yahts. Wherever the technoloy, Seviar is there with support and solutions. 


    Making Connections 

    Seviar has been designing wireless solutions for homes and businesses for almost two decades. We provide internet service to rural locations, and our rock-solid wireless network configurations provide seamless, drop-free experiences for all devices in your home or business.

    Lots of Options

    No two businesses have identical needs, and Sevair understands that. More than a mere IT shop, we work to build something you need to succeed. Our offerings include wired & wireless network design, fully accessible security cameras, professional management solutions for Guest & BYOD Access, and much more.