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Your business deserves a wireless network that can handle anything you throw at it.  Maximize customer experience with Seviar’s robust wireless solutions -- great networks that support a dozen or hundreds of WiFi devices. Since 2004, Seviar has been building wireless networks to withstand the needs of business.

Cloud solutions offer a host benefits not found in traditional, fixed IT services such as real-time backups, increased accessibility, and scalability.

All types of businesses can benefit from cloud solutions, and Seviar has outfitted companies both large and small, including:

 Restaurants and Coffee Shops

·       Prioritize Your Point of Sale - Our solutions load-balance hundreds of users on one connection, providing a consistent, reliable customer experience for all, while still prioritizing credit card transactions and other critical business functions

Large homes and Estates

·       All houses have ‘dead zones’, where connectivity drops, and large estates suffer from this problem ten-fold. Seviar builds systems that deliver consistent, reliable coverage for every room in house.

Farms and Outdoor Areas

·       No cell signal, no problem! We build wireless networks to connect you no matter where you might be.

Public Parks and Open Spaces

·       With strong security and fast speeds, we can design and deploy headache-free public wireless solutions, complete with the capabilities to add branding, logos, and advertisements.